Review: Strange Days (By: SFAM)

Rating: Overview: Written by James Cameron, Strange Days is a near-future (now in the past as it takes place the day before Y2K) film noir written that puts the “punk” in cyberpunk. This is truly a great underground ride. Strange days is about a down and out former vice-cop named Lenny (Ralph Fiennes), who’s life […]

Review: Lawnmower Man (By: SFAM)

Rating: Overview: Pierce Brosnan as 007 stars in this scifi espionage flick about a guy with a lawnmower who tries to take over the world…Well, that’s not exactly it, but close 🙂 This might be another one of those I’m out to lunch on, but I’m guessing most have seen this flick. Lawnmower Man was […]

Review: Judge Dredd (By: SFAM)

Rating: Overview: The inspiration for Judge Dredd is based off of a comicbook hero, which Hollywood determined needed to be brought to the big screen. Vice working to recreate the comic (apparently the beginning actually does this pretty well), most of the movie is completely derivative. Judge Dredd is a terrific example of an overblown […]