Review: Ex-Machina (By: TgChan)

Rating: (8/10)

Straight to the point! Shall we?

7 minutes – I don’t know why but I like it so much already. Everything is heading into right direction I guess…

19 minutes – super interesting and creepy at the same time! You want to see more and more with every minute

31 minutes – did I say it is super interesting? Scratch that, it is unbelievably freaking interesting! If you suffer from claustrophobia, you will love it even more! šŸ™‚ It forces you to think, double think and analyse everything what you see and hear, looking for secret angles and secrets, you are right in a middle of its story.

36 minutes – great music and acting, such a pleasure to watch it.

44 minutes – what an amazing mind trip… is everything you see a staged game or reality? Is this what you have to see to act accordingly to the plan or maybe it’s just a group of unrelated events? I love how much thinking this film is causing you!

1h 11minutes – WOW!!! This film hits right into my sweet spot!!! Dark, creepy, disturbing and CYBERPUNKISH! I don’t want it to end šŸ™

1h 25minutes – people say it is predictable… and yes! They are right, it is…. but does it matter, if it is so good and you have so much pleasure watching it? No, of course not… so why bother? šŸ™‚


1h 42 minutes – AGRHHH!!!! I am so angry at the ending!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Damn it! Oh my god… Come on!

Truly a great experience! Something I can honestly recommend to anyone. If you happen to like sci-fi, cyberpunk or even a good thriller, you will love it even more!

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