Review: Virtual Revolution (2014) By PK

Rating: (5/10)

Overview: Film Directed by Guy-Roger Duvert, it develops in a near future, and depicts how mankind could be if they have the possibility to stay connected on a network of virtual realities indistinguishable from reality, and where they could have normal relationships with other users just like real life.

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Story: In a very near future, Neo France, Year 2047, all technological progress is at top, every technological expectations has been met, they have conquered space, robots and flying cars, but what have revolutionated life was the development and improvement of virtual reality worlds, allowing anyone to use and choose a virtual body (avatar), and choose a virtual world to live, feeling sensations like the real one, interacting with others and playing the role, until some kind of virus was reported to be killing users while playing, so a private investigator was sent to investigate.


Virtual Worlds:

Virtual World 1 (Magic, Middle Ages)

Virtual World 2 (Cyborgs, Ships)

Real World:

The photography of the real world is eye candy, and cyberpunkish.

The main subject is about the fight for freedom, and has nothing to do with cyberpunk

Some scenes are Hollywood addons like nudity, lesbians, etc, and could be or could not be there, as there is no need to make us aware that sex could be used in VR, maybe pryor 1990, but not now.


The main character is random, and make me not feel identified with him, i doubt if anyone could feel identified with him, he lacks anything, isn’t an hero, is not funny, and a large number of cons.

Bottom line:Photography is good, you will watch nice city landscapes, screenshot them at 4K and you will get some nice wallpapers, FX are ok, acting is not, and as already stated, this is not cyberpunk, watch only when you go shopping with your girl, but I insist, I like the landscapes.

Finally, what happen when you try to saved those who don’t want to be saved? The struggle is lost before it begin.


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