Review: Mute (By: Ijaz Ahmad)

Rating: A Clockwork Orange (1971), Blade Runner (1982), Brazil (1985), Strange Days (1995), Moon (2009), Drive (2011), Zero Theorem (2013), Blade Runner 2049 (2017). >>Editor’s note: I think this is NOT cyberpunk, it is a love story with cyberpunk visuals, I even think that watching this on B&W and replacing two or three scenes, you […]

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Review: Ex-Machina (By: TgChan)

Rating: Straight to the point! Shall we? 7 minutes – I don’t know why but I like it so much already. Everything is heading into right direction I guess… 19 minutes – super interesting and creepy at the same time! You want to see more and more with every minute 31 minutes – did I […]

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Review: Altered Carbon (By: gogoschka-1)

Rating: Impressive Looking Cyberpunk With Rich Worldbuilding I haven’t read the novel upon which this show is based, so I can’t comment on whether or not this is a faithful adaptation; I am, however, a huge fan of the sci-fi subgenre commonly known as “cyberpunk” (in case you’re not familiar with the term, think of […]

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Review: Blade Runner 2049 (By J-Bot6)

Rating: Finally, a major motion picture for a change. There are very few films that get higher than a 7 out of 10 from me. Hence a rating of 8 indicates films that I highly recommend. The big challenge for film makers these days is that the production levels of TV have gone up so […]

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Review: Creation of the Humanoids (By: J-Bot6)

Science fiction for the thoughtful viewer Rating: Don’t let the rating I gave this movie dissuade you. I actually think people who like ‘thinking’ science fiction should check this out. Some have suggested that this 1962 feature should be remade. If someone did do a remake, they’d have to just accept the fact that many […]

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Review: The Thirteenth Floor (By: SFAM)

Rating: Bad fucking trip??? No…These people are real…as real as you and me. Overview: The Thirteenth Floor is one of the truly fun virtual reality (VR) movies out that have been produced. This movie has everything from a fun film noir settings in a VR simulation, to pure mind fuck scenes, to great VR effects. […]

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Review: Terminator 2: Judgment Day (By: SFAM)

Rating: Overview: Often sequels are just made to cash in or earlier successes with a rehash of the existing story. To Cameron’s credit, he comes up with an entirely different take from the original Terminator movie, yet still maintains some level of believability to the story. Cameron certainly ratchets up the FX, but doesn’t forget […]

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Review: Matrix Reloaded (By: SFAM)

Rating: Overview: Matrix Reloaded, one of the most anticipated movies of 2003 provides a very interesting follow-up to one of the best, most influential movies in cyberpunk and all of Sci-Fi. Many have knocked this (and Revolutions more) for being a significant step down from the original movie, and to an extent they are in […]

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Review: Robocop (By: SFAM)

Rating: Overview: One of the truly unique movies in the cyberpunk genre, Robocop seems to be slowly receding from our conscious. No longer (in the US) is it carried at places like Best Buy. This is truly a shame because Robocop offers us one of the best instances of near-future cyborgs on film, and in […]

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Review: Hardware (By: SFAM)

Rating: Overview: Of all the movies I uncovered during my research for this list, Hardware far and above tops the list of movies I previously had no knowledge of. Put simply, Hardware is absolutely AWESOME low budget cinema. This cross between Alien and the Terminator is set in a totally weird cyberpunk dystopia. It’s scary […]

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